Our Platform

We plan to amplify the untold stories of our OU family,

guide the expansion of student mental health and wellness resources, 

and bring visible inclusivity to our campus. 




In Summary

  1. Mental Wellness Accessibility

  2. The Who Is OU? Initiative

  3. OUr Student Faces Representation

  4. International Student Liaison Within Cabinet

  5. Unifying SGA

  6. SGA Alerts

Mental Wellness Accessibility


How will you expand student access to mental wellness during a time when external stressors are at an all-time high? How will you make the process more efficient and manageable?

Our Answer: 

We will establish student access to mental health resources by expanding both wellness and treatment options. 

  • We will work closely with University Counseling Services to ensure that student voices are heavily involved and represented as they introduce new policies for interacting with students. 

  • We will create a well-researched Counselor Database that will serve as a resource for students who are seeking treatment outside of the University Counseling Center. This database will include local counselors who specialize in diverse areas of expertise, including LGBTQ+ and race-related issues.


Combined with the implementation of up-and-coming mental wellness programs, like OU's Therapy Assistance Online (TAO), SGA's Counselor Database will give students the alternative option to independently seek treatment.


1. Give students access to as many resources as possible so that they can find the best option for their specific needs.

2. Ensure that student input is at the forefront of the development of university mental wellness resource expansion.

The Who is OU? Initiative


How will you increase student awareness of the important history of OU, Norman, and the land we inhabit? How to create empathetic tolerance and start pertinent dialogues?

Our Answer: 

Ensure SGA involvement in the planning of the new orientation model, and advocate for a curriculum that emphasizes the importance of recognizing the past, present, and future of all Oklahoma identities. 

We will champion a curriculum that includes:

  • Important dialogues surrounding indigenous land, culture, and current events.

  • Untold stories and legacies of past members of the OU family, highlighting exceptional black movement-makers, such as Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher, Dr. George Henderson, and George McLaurin.


Additionally, we will work to create a matched educational resource for all OU students, made available by SGA's platforms. We hope that this curriculum would be video-based, showcasing OU community voices.


1. Give students the information they need to maneuver OU/Norman's social climate.

2. Expand contextual knowledge of Norman's racial, political, and civic history.

3. Open opportunities for student involvement in the community through the voices of OU community members.

OUr Student Faces


How to make OU's Norman campus a visually inclusive space where students feel represented? 

Our Answer: 

Update the photos of students around campus to reflect the diverse, cosmopolitan makeup of our student body and bring visibility to the many faces of OU.

We will undertake a project that:

  • Finds contemporary photos of alumni and current students that highlight our diverse communities. 

  • Gather a collection of student artwork to exhibit around the shared spaces on campus.


We believe that representation is the strongest motivator for greatness. For this reason, the photos of students exhibited around campus should be updated to reflect the diverse, cosmopolitan makeup of our current student body. 


1. More students feel inspired and represented by their physical environment on campus.

2. Display art that mirrors the growing diversity of our student body.

3. Display art that is sourced from students only.

International Student Liaison Within Cabinet


How do we ensure that international students are heard and involved in SGA decisions?

Our Answer: 

We will create a position within our cabinet that will be dedicated to international student representation. It is important that we hear directly from the international community on issues in which they are involved. We will prioritize advocating for the international community with the assistance of an International Student Liaison on our team. All interested international students are also heavily encouraged to apply to the executive cabinet.


1. Ensure that the international student voices are heard and that SGA truly is a place for all students. 

Unifying the Relationship Between SGA Branches


How do we ensure collaboration within the SGA branches to achieve the highest rate of change? How does SGA reconnect with its roots as a collective Student Union?

Our Answer: 

The Student Government Association was founded by students to serve students. We will educate members of our cabinet on how SGA as a whole functions to unite students in a collective effort towards representation. 

  • We will require our cabinet members to attend at least one Undergraduate Student Congress meeting a month in order to understand the rigor and processes of the Legislative Branch.

  • We will distribute information to our cabinet to ensure they are well-informed on the processes of the Judicial and Programming Branches. 


1. Ensure that our executive cabinet understands the primary goal of SGA: to represent and fight for the equality, health, and security of all OU students.​

2. Ensure that our Executive Cabinet understands all Branches of SGA, their functions, and how we all work together. 

SGA Alerts


How to ensure students feel secure on campus and spread awareness of events that might threaten a student's well-being.

Our Answer: 

The SGA Alerts twitter will be a collective effort to warn students of triggering events occurring on campus, such as large protests or gatherings which may disrupt a student's educational routine and mental health.


1. Give students the benefit of knowing what to expect when coming to campus.

2. Prevent stressors from inhibiting students' educational experience.